Big Burger Idea Winner – Derek Scott

1. June, 2012

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Chop House Burgers - Facebook Competition

We recently ran a Facebook competition called the Big Burger Idea and Derek Scott”s burger was voted to the top and won this competition. We sat down with Derek Scott and got to know him just a little bit. tourist attractions His winning burger idea, Derek”s Bacon, Mushroom Cheddar Burger, will run on our menu all of June 2012, so be sure to order yours when you come by.

Derek Scott grew up in Ferris, TX and even today has not gone very far from his roots since he lives in the neighboring town of Red Oak, TX. We knew Derek had a love for cooking or he would not have been in the competition, but his love casino for cooking is now having him in a search for possible employment in the cooking/food business. He is currently unemployed due to economy, but has done everything you can online slots with your hands including electrician, carpenter and a real all-around handyman.

Sorry ladies, he is happily married for 2 years now. Derek has nbso online casino a reputation not only for his burgers, but he also makes a darn good chicken fettucini alfredo. When we asked him what his favorite foods to cook he quickly noted that Italian food was probably his favorite and his strength when it came to the kitchen. Besides his favorite restaurant, Chop House Burgers (better be), he gave a great shout out to 342 Bar and Grill in Red Oak, TX being his favorite place to eat.

Trying to tap into Derek”s personality we asked him about his favorite actors and he had two: Nicholas Cage and Johnny Depp. We asked Derek what he did for fun, besides cooking, and he told us he likes to make some cool picture frames using old barn wood and eclectic items to frame in them. We filmed the making of his burger, enjoy and come on in to taste Derek”s Bacon Mushroom Cheddar Burger today.



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